Wooden gates tell their own stories

October 21 2014

There’s something about wood that evokes emotion. It’s warm, it’s durable and every piece – reclaimed or new – can tell a story.

At Blackwood Country Gates we have a passion for crafting wooden gates and we want our gates to start their own stories through history. At their new homes, wherever they might be.

We build our timber gates to last and that means their stories may cover generations.

There might be photos of kids climbing the rails of a sturdy farm gate to the house paddock, stuck carefully in an album of cherished memories. And then, over time, photos of their kids and their grandkids doing the same. Climbing a gate that we built. A gate that we, Blackwood Country Gates, crafted from our base on the Bellarine Peninsula in Victoria.

And when someone brings in a heritage gate that needs careful restoration, then it’s our chance to help keep history’s pages turning. We take a sympathetic approach if we need to replace any timber and make sure the integrity and character of the old gate continues to shine.

From the cut of a saw to the percussion of a hammer striking the anvil, they’re the music of our workplace and we like the song.

We’re lucky to play a small part in building history with our hands. If you swing one of our creations between post or pillar on your property, we hope you enjoy your personal slice of Blackwood Country Gates history for years to come.

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