Timber driveway gates for Australia

December 12 2014

Driveway-gate-AustraliaOne of the special elements of what we do at Blackwood Country Gates is that we get to work with the beautiful palette of this big brown land of ours, creating wooden driveway gates for Australia’s most stunning settings.

A perfect example is the wooden driveway gate, pictured, between two natural stone pillars at Panton Hill in Victoria. The double-cross natural timber gate complements the natural setting and instead of being obtrusive, as some driveway gates can be, it fits the setting perfectly.

Part of our job making wooden gates to fit Australia’s various natural settings is working closely with our clients to assess the context of the gate and the situation in which it will sit. We work through a variety of issues, ranging from the most appropriate timber for the setting and the best design, through to how the driveway gate will function and how it fits in the surrounding environment. Don’t think of your gate as an obstacle but rather as an artistic opportunity.

Laugh if you will, but gate creation, particularly crafting driveway gates which are so often the first impression of a property, is a little bit of a science for us. We like to ponder all the variables because we want to get it 100 percent right, first for the customer, and then for ourselves. We take immense pride in our gates because, after all, every one of our gates is an advertisement for our products.

If you live in one of Australia’s unique bush or rural settings, Blackwood Country Gates can create the perfect wooden driveway gate for your property. Visitors’ first impression of your property will certainly be a good one. We can also create driveway masterpieces forĀ urban settings as well.

We’ve worked long and hard to build our reputation as one of Australia’s premier custom gate designers and manufacturers and we strive to ensure our reputation is untarnished. Get in touch today so we can discuss how to transform the driveway gates you’re imagining into a reality. We’re confident you won’t be disappointed.