Farm gate hardware part of our range

January 20 2015
farm gates australia

Another batch of our custom-made farm gate fittings.

A new year is underway and with it the requirements of new farm gate customers from across Victoria and Australia. It’s no secret to anybody who knows us that we love working on our gate projects, from the initial planning and design, through to the completed project.

But what many potential clients for our wooden gates mightn’t realise is that Blackwood Country Gates’ craftsmanship doesn’t start and end with our range of Tudor, country, entrance and driveway gates. Far from it. We’re not just skilled in the wooden elements of our trade, but also the metal requirements that are so often overlooked and forgotten but are crucial for a gate to function properly.

Every gate – whether farm gates on the Bellarine or a custom-made gate for the grandest mansion in Australia – needs something to hang from and something to latch to, and this is where we get into an element of our work that requires a new skill set and opens a new dimension to our range.

Gate latches and hinges are an integral part of any gate and at Blackwood Country Gates we specialise in fittings that are not only functional but are also attractive and complement your project in subtle but important ways.

A farm gate needs a robust but sturdy latch and matching hinges, perhaps something from our galvanised range. But those parts would look out of place on, for example, a historic stable, barn or shed door. Those settings require something from our range of custom-made hand-forged gate fittings. And yes, our hinges and latches are perfect for doors, not just gates.

So, when you sit down to plan your gate – whether a basic farm gate or artistic country estate entrance gate, remember to think about what you want it to hang from and hold it closed. The gate will look great, but the hinges and latches we make at Blackwood Country Gates will really finish it off. And don’t forget that our hardware will beautifully complement old doors and furniture.

If you’d like to see our farm gates and fittings up close and personal, then you’re welcome to visit our Bellarine workshop. Just contact us to arrange a visit and we’ll happily show you what we can do.