Farm, horse and stock fencing

Blackwood Country Gates has more than 25 years of experience in building strong, durable fences including horse and stock fencing.

We cut our teeth in Victoria as farm and rural fencing specialists and we usually have a span of eight metres between posts, with several droppers in between, for a mesh fence and those using wire strands or netting. The number of wire strands depends upon the stock in the paddock. For example, we would recommend up to eight strands for a sheep fence.

In keeping with our philosophy of building products to last, we normally use either single or double box-type straining assemblies – depending on the length of the fence – at corners or the end of our fences to keep them tight. We sink strainer post and backer posts more than a metre into the ground and pin a horizontal pole between them. Strained high-tensile wire completes the assembly, wrapping around it diagonally for added strength.

We can build fences for your garden, yard or paddock. And if you don’t want to clear the site, we will remove the fence for you and carry out any preparation work along the prospective fence line before installing the new one. It’s fencing made easy.

Just like our wooden gates, fences can also have character. Our timber post and rail offerings are perfect for equine fencing or a stylish boundary for your house paddock while recycled timber is a great look for the garden.

And if you want a gate opening system installed, we can help. We can fit an automated solar or hard wired system so there are never any arguments about who has to open the gate.

Contact Blackwood Country Gates for information on our range of fences including dog-proof fencing, rabbit-proof fencing, farm fencing (for sheep, cattle and horses), post and wire fences, post and rail fences, and mesh fences.